Block heaters

Q: I am using my block heater in a fume hood; how can I protect the samples from the effects of drafts???

A: Perspex safety covers are available which can be fitted to the Stuart block heaters. These help to protect the blocks from the airflow and also the user from the danger of spitting tubes.

Q: Block Heaters : I have an older model of Stuart block heater; will the current aluminium blocks fit?

A: Yes, they will fit the old Stuart block heaters. All blocks apart from the 96 and 384-well blocks have dimensions (w x d x h) 75 x 95 x 50mm. 96-well blocks are 150 x 95 x 61mm.

Q: Block Heaters : Is it possible to calibrate my block heater?

A: Yes, all digital block heaters can be calibrated. The block heaters are calibrated during manufacture using blocks designed for 16mm tubes. The different mass of aluminium in blocks designed for other sizes or types of container can cause small discrepancies between the displayed temperature and the actual temperature of the blocks. If the block heater is to be used with other blocks and very accurate temperature setting is required then the unit should be re-calibrated for the blocks to be used. An accurately calibrated thermometer is required for this procedure; the block heater can only be as accurate as the thermometer used to calibrate it. Comprehensive details are given in the user manual.

Q: Block Heaters : Will the new aluminium blocks fit my old Stuart block heater?

A: Yes, they will fit the old Stuart block heaters.