Q: Incubators : Are spare securing bars available for the SI500 shaker incubator?

A: Yes, spare bars are available, catalogue number RS150.

Q: Incubators : Can I incubate agar plates in Stuart incubators?

A: All Stuart incubators use fan assisted forced air circulation to maintain a constant temperature in the incubator. This is fine for liquid cultures, however there is the possibility that it could lead to drying out of agar plates. It may help to include a water tray in the incubator with the plates to increase the humidity in the chamber. This feature is used in the microtitre plate incubator, model SI19.

Q: Incubators : I wish to order the Stuart rotisserie, part number SI20H/1. However it is an older model SI20H oven. Will this rotisserie fit the older model of oven?

A: Yes, the SI20H/1 rotisserie will fit into both the new SI30H and older SI20H ovens.