Stuart Automatic Melting Point simplifies QC testing

Stuart's new SMP40 automatic melting point apparatus incorporates the latest digital video imaging technology to detect and accurately capture the melting point of up to three samples simultaneously. Walk-away operation speeds high throughput purity testing and the SMP40's USB connectivity facilitates increased traceability of results to meet QC requirements in manufacturing companies.

The only unit to offer a colour VGA screen to view the melt process in real time or retrospectively, the SMP40 also introduces an innovative split-design concept for maximum footprint flexibility. For example, the sample side of the apparatus can be located at the back of the bench or even in a fume cupboard, while the control side detects which way up the unit is being used and adjusts the screen orientation accordingly.

The full colour 5.7" VGA display shows the samples in real time, with touchscreen functionality combined with an intuitive user interface for easy control of the apparatus. Around 200 results in the form of .avi video files of the melt process can be stored by the SMP40 for viewing on the unit's screen; USB ports enable transfer to a flash drive or PC via Microsoft® ActivSync.
According to Jackie Taylor, Stuart Product Manager, `Melting point determination provides a simple way to identify and check the purity of solid compounds used by a wide spectrum of chemical and manufacturing companies. The new SMP40 maintains Stuart's leadership in melting point technology, providing ease of use, accurate results, and USB connectivity so that video files can be transferred to a PC. Maintaining long-term traceability is vital so that batch test results can be checked if a quality problem arises in the manufacturing process. Because melting points are determined automatically, with the digital camera identifying the smallest of changes within the sample, purity checks are less labour-intensive and large numbers of tests can be performed much more efficiently.'

The SMP40 includes a number of carefully considered design features to enhance the user's experience: a safety hood which protects samples and acts as a light shield, a capillary storage drawer with integral glass cutter, and a handy storage area for pre-prepared samples. Even block cleaning has been made as straightforward as possible by ensuring good access to the block.

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