Melting point apparatus displays advanced features

Stuart's new SMP30 melting point apparatus features fast cooling and a patented `head-up display' for increased sample throughput and greater ease of use. This top level manual device will find many applications in academia, chemistry and industrial labs, particularly purity checking of raw materials received and compounds produced.

With the temperature gradient of the block optimised to produce accurate results, and advanced cooling technology delivering a genuine 12-minute cooling time from 350°C to 50°C, the SMP30 offers both accuracy and speed. The device has an unusually large display screen and a comprehensive menu system to guide the user.

According to Jackie Taylor, Stuart Product Manager, `Melting point determination is very widely used as a cheap, simple way to check the purity of solid compounds. However, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The SMP30 has been specifically designed to provide faster sample throughput and to make extended use a more comfortable experience. The head features two-way adjustment so that it can be positioned for strain-free viewing while sitting, and the unique `head-up display' shows the block temperature in the sample viewfinder. This eliminates the risk of missing the beginning of the melt by looking away from the melting point tubes to check the temperature.'

The SMP30 includes onboard capillary storage and block cleaning has been made as straightforward as possible by ensuring good access to the block. An accessory printer is available so that a permanent record of individual melting point results, with date and time, can be produced.

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