Stuart's partnership with Biocote® is proving successful

The Department of Health Sciences at the University of 'Magna Græcia' located in the region of Cantanzaro, Southern Italy, have chosen Stuart® equipment due to the guarantee of antimicrobial protection made possible through the addition of Biocote®.

The University chose to purchase Stuart® equipment for their laboratory due to 'the guarantee of unicity of its products'. Thanks to the partnership with Biocote®, Stuart® were able to fulfil the stringent hygiene requirements that are necessary in the Health Science department and supplied the University with a comprehensive collection of shakers, incubators, water baths and rotators from its range of benchtop laboratory equipment.

Stuart® is proud to have been exclusively offering Biocote® antimicrobial protection on its laboratory equipment for over 9 years. Based on the anti-microbial properties of silver, a Biocote® finish provides customers with complete piece of mind that their equipment is covered by long-term and effective anti-microbial protection. Biocote® are market leaders in antimicrobial technology and offer a complete range of antimicrobial solutions for virtually any material.

Through its partnership with Biocote® Stuart® equipment is the only brand able to offer customers complete assurance of antimicrobial protection on their equipment.

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