New Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers put safety first

The stylish new Stuart Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers are designed to enhance ease of use and safety in the laboratory. They incorporate unique features, such as a power-independent hot warning light and an LED indicator of the hotplate surface temperature, which help create a safer working environment.

The Undergrad range from Stuart includes combination hotplate stirrer models as well as dedicated hotplates and stirrers. All the heating models are compatible with the Stuart SCT1 temperature controller and automatically detect when the controller is plugged in.

An LED temperature indicator surrounding the heater control knob on the Undergrad hotplates illuminates progressively to indicate the actual surface temperature. This provides a conspicuous visual indication that the unit is hot and also clearly differentiates the heat and stir controls. In addition, a `hot' warning light flashes once the hotplate surface reaches 50°C and continues to do so while the unit is hot, even if the unit is switched off and unplugged.

Jackie Taylor, Stuart Product Manager, commented, `The LED temperature indicator and power-independent hot warning light are unique to Stuart hotplates, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring greater safety in the laboratory. Safety has also been enhanced by designing the hotplates and stirrers so that any spills are directed away from the user controls. BioCote, offered exclusively by Stuart, provides built-in antimicrobial protection, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and subsequent infections. The economical Undergrad range is ideal for university teaching facilities, quality control labs and other industrial applications.'

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