Stirrer paddles, SS10/11, SS10/14, SS10/10, SS10/12, SS10/13
Stirrer paddles, SS10/11, SS10/14, SS10/10, SS10/12, SS10/13 Overhead stirrer stands


Overhead stirrer accessories, Stand and paddles


Extra strong retort stands with H-pattern base for stability and robust support rod. Both versions include bosshead. Heavy duty stand recommended for use with SS30 overhead stirrer.

SS10/1 SS10/2
Description Stand general purpose Stand heavy duty
Base (w x d x h) 400 x 350 x 25mm 550 x 480 x 25mm
Rod (dia. x l) 16 x 700mm 25 x 850mm
Net weight 7.6kg 20.2kg

Paddle rods

Made from high grade stainless steel, there is a choice of five paddle heads and two lengths of 8mm diameter paddle rod. The heads screw on and off the rods, so they can be mixed and matched depending upon stirring requirements. This gives maximum versatility and value for money.
For complete paddle, order rod plus head(s).

Paddle heads

SS10/5 SS10/6
Diameter 8mm 8mm
Length 350mm 550mm

Stirrer paddles

SS10/10 SS10/11 SS10/12 SS10/13 SS10/14
Total width 60mm 94mm 80mm 50mm 60mm

Model Description
SS10/ 5 Paddle rod, 350mm
SS10/ 6 Paddle rod, 550mm
SS10/ 10 Small paddle head
SS10/ 11 Large paddle head
SS10/ 12 Large propeller head (2 blade)
SS10/ 13 Small propeller head (4 blade)
SS10/ 14 Anchor paddle head

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