Conversion to pre-treated feed

Eliminates descaling
Improves distillate purity
Use with any pre-treated water source
No loss of treated water

The A4000/WCK and the A4000D/WCK are simple conversion kits available so that the Aquatron® water still can be operated from a pre-treated feed. The A4000/WCK is the Water Conversion Kit required for the A4000, whereas the A4000D/WCK is suitable for both the A4000D and the A8000 models. Suitable sources of pretreatment are almost any model of deioniser or reverse osmosis unit or a piped supply of treated water.

The pre-treated water is fed directly to the boiler and cooling water is supplied to the condenser separately. The controls ensure that pre-treated water is supplied to the boiler automatically as required, preventing overflow and costly waste. A safety device is incorporated to protect the still in the event of failure of the pretreated supply.

The conversion kit can be fitted easily in a few minutes to any existing Aquatron® model and is highlly recommended when used in conjuntion with the ADH deioiser.

Filter, Aquatron®, AFH

Quickly and effectively removes particulate matter from the water supply
Disposable, easily changed polypropylene filter elements
Flow rates up to 25 litres/min
Independent operation or links to deioniser unit

A simple but effective filter unit ideal for removing particulate matter from your water supply to protect sensitive equipment from damage. Supplied complete with flexible hose for connection to the tap and connection for 9mm I.D. hose on water outlet.

Filter element material Polypropylene
Pore size, µm 10
Maximum flow rate, l/min 25
Maximum water temperature, °C 40
Maximum water pressure, psi (kPa) 100 (700)
Dimensions, mm 130 x 315

Deioniser, Aquatron®, ADH

Output up to 60 litres/hour
Low cost disposable cartridges
Colour change indicates resin condition at a glance
Free standing or wall mountable
Ideal as pre-treatment for Aquatron® water stills

A simple, portable deioniser giving good quality water at an affordable price.

The disposable ion exchange cartridges slowly change colour from green to blue as they are exhausted giving at a glance indication of the resin condition. No need for conductivity meters, batteries or mains electrical power. Supplied complete with flexible hose for connection to a tap and a stopcock to control the flow rate.

Can be linked in series with the Aquatron® filter either by a flexible hose or the rigid coupling (ALC) available as an accessory. Ideal as a pre-treatment for Aquatron® water stills to prevent scale build up and improve output quality.

Housing and ion exchange cartridges must be ordered separately.

Maximum flow rate, l/hr 60
Maximum water temperature, °C 40
Maximum water pressure, psi (kPa) 100 (700)
Output conductivity, µScm-1 <15
Dimensions\ mm 130 x 315

Model Description
A4000/ WCK Conversion kit for pre-treated feed (A4000)
A4000D/ WCK Conversion kit for pre-treated feed (A4000D & A8000)
AFH Filter housing
AFI Filter elements (pack of 3)
AFD Wall mounting bracket
ALC Coupling to connect to Aquatron deioniser unit ADH
ADH Deioniser housing
ADI Ion exchange cartridges (pack of 3)

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