SCF2 Closed
SCF2 Closed SCF2 Open

Microcentrifuge, SCF2

Variable speed microfuge
Maximum speed 13,500rpm
Timer and pulse start
12 tube capacity
Compact and quiet
Lid safety mechanism

The SCF2 is a compact microcentrifuge for centrifugation of up to 12 x 1.5ml or 2.2ml microfuge tubes or four strips of 8 x 0.2ml tubes at speeds of up to 13,500rpm. The unit is supplied with adaptors for use with the fixed angle rotor to enable 0.2ml tubes to be centrifuged. The rotors are easily installed without the use of tools. Centrifugation speed can be displayed as either rpm or rcf and the timer can be set for run times of between 1 and 30 minutes. In addition, a pulse button enables a rapid spin down by accelerating the rotor to the preset rpm then promptly decelerating. For safety, the door of the SCF2 remains locked while the rotor is in motion.

SCF2 Fixed SCF2 Strip
Rotor Fixed angle rotor Strip tube rotor
Maximum Speed, rpm 13,500 6,000
Maximum RCF 12,300 x g 1,850 x g (outer) 1,542 x g (inner)
Maximum Capacity 12 x 1.5 or 2.2ml tubes 4 x 0.2ml 8-tube strips
Timer 1 to 30 min (1 min intervals) 1 to 30 min (1 min intervals)
Acceleration time 12s (to full speed) 12s (to full speed)
Deceleration time 16s (fully stopped) 16s (fully stopped)
Noise level 60dB 60dB
Safety Door lock Door lock
Power 220v 5060hZ 220v 5060hZ
Dimensions, mm (w x d x h) 208 x 245 x 145 208 x 245 x 145
Weight, kg 4.4 4.4

Model Description
SCF2 Microcentrifuge, (0 to 13,500rpm)
SCF2/2 Strip tube rotor, 4 0.2ml 8-tube strips
SCF2/1/05 0.5ml tube adaptors
SCF2/1/02 0.2ml tube adaptors

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