Florentine Flask
Florentine Flask RE200/SA RE100/RF

Glassware Accessories and Spares

Anti splash protector
Adapter to protect against liquid ingress into the condenser in the event of "bumping". Also useful with liquids which have a tendency to foam. 29/32 cone and socket.

Extension adapter for small flasks
In order for small capacity evaporating flasks to reach the liquid level in the water bath this extension adapter should be fitted between the vapour tube and the flask. 29/32 cone and socket.
For use with flasks of 50ml or 100ml capacity

Evaporating (Florentine) flasks
Florentine type flasks for use with all glassware sets. 29/32 socket.

Receiving flasks
Receiving flasks for use with all glassware sets. S35 spherical socket

Model Description
RE200/ SA Anti-splash protector
RE100/ EA Extension adapter
FD50/ 4RE Evaporating flask 50ml
FD100/ 4RE Evaporating flask 100ml
FD250/ 4RE Evaporating flask 250ml
FD500/ 4RE Evaporating flask 500ml
FD500/ 4REP Evaporating flask 500ml plastic coated
FD1L/ 4RE Evaporating flask 1000ml
FD1L/ 4REP Evaporating flask 1000ml plastic coated
FD2L/ 4RE Evaporating flask 2000ml
FD2L/ 4REP Evaporating flask 2000ml plastic coated
RE100/ RF/ 50 Receiving flask 50ml
RE100/ RF/ 100 Receiving flask 100ml
RE100/ RF/ 250 Receiving flask 250ml
RE100/ RF/ 500 Receiving flask 500ml
RE100/ RF/ 500P Receiving flask 500ml plastic coated
RE100/ RF/ 1L Receiving flask 1000ml
RE100/ RF/ 1LP Receiving flask 1000ml plastic coated

Replacement parts for glassware sets

Ref Model Description
1 RE100/ CO Diagonal condenser, glass set 00
2 RE100/ COP Diagonal condenser, plastic coated, glass set 00P
3 RE200/ VC Vertical condenser, glass set 01
4 RE200/ VCP Vertical condenser,plastic coated,glass set 01P
5 RE200/ CFP Cold finger condenser, plastic coated, glass set 02P
6 RE200/ CFD Drain for cold finger condenser, glass sets 02 and 02P
7 RE100/ VR Feed tube/ vacuum release, all glass sets
8 RE100/ VT Vapour tube diagonal condensers, glass sets 00 and 00P
9 RE100/ VT/ CF Vapour tube for vertical coil and cold finger condensers, glass sets 01, 01P, 02, 02P
10 RE100/ VS Vacuum seal, all glass sets
11 4510/ 04/ 01 PTFE screw thread connectors, all glass sets, QTY 1
12 JC35/ 1 Spherical joint clip for receiving flask, all glass sets
13 KCM29 Metal joint clip for evaporating flask, all glass sets

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