SBH130D SBH200D/3 Flexi3 block

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Stuart Flexi Block Accessories

Flexi Block Key Features:
• Heat any sample size
• Fully autoclavable beads included
• Choose between either 2 or 3 block versions
• High density ceramic beads offer excellent thermal transmission

The new Flexi Block accessories are available in either double- or triple-width aluminium block inserts and include high-density ceramic beads as standard. The ceramic beads offer excellent thermal transfer and therefore allow for precise and uniform heating of the sample. They can be easily manipulated to accommodate any diameter test tube, microtube, vials, cuvettes as well as microplates. Unskirted PCR plates can be heated in either the double- or triple-width Flexi Blocks, whereas skirted microtitre plates, deep-well plates and PCR plates are better suited to incubation in the triple-width versions.

The new Flexi Block accessories are compatible with any two- or three-block versions of Stuart® block heaters. The range of Stuart® block heaters provides precise heating of samples, which is ideal for many sensitive analytical procedures. Available in either two or three block versions, Stuart® block heaters offer complete heating control up to maximum temperatures of either 130˚C or 200˚C. The digital versions feature a bright, easy to read, LED display, which facilitates simple temperature setting and accurate temperature monitoring.

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
SHT/FLEXI2 Flexi Block lnsert, double width, beads included
SHT/FLEXI3 Flexi Block lnsert, triple width, beads included

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