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Premium Range Hotplates

The new Stuart range of Premium hotplates have been designed to seamlessly blend scientific precision with contemporary styling and meet the day to day needs of today's scientific professionals and students. The Premium range is also available in an unrivalled eight colour options.

A simple clean body allows for any spillages to be easily deflected from the user. A spill-resistant front control module with chemically toughened glass, means you can clearly see what's going on without fear of cosmetic damage to the unit.

The mains independent "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off and unplugged from the mains.

This unit features an integral fixing point for a retort rod.

Ceramic coated Aluminium surfaces have been designed for very accurate top plate temperature. Ideal for microarrays, in-situ hybridisation and specialised electronics applications. The top plate has a thin ceramic coating for added chemical resistance. A 700W element gives rapid heating and ensures even temperature distribution across the whole surface of the plate.

The Stuart Premium hotplate offers the highest level of sophistication in a hotplate with a full colour 4" TFT screen. Both set and actual temperature of the sample are displayed simultaneously.

As the hotplate heats the sample to the set temperature, the advanced control algorithm automatically measures the rate of temperature rise to judge the capacity and nature of samples (e.g. oil or aqueous). It then optimises the heating rate to minimize overshoot and time to set point. An audible alert sounds when the set temperature has been reached.

There is the ability to create programs, controlling the temperature. Individual customer temperature profiles can be created and saved to the unit allowing for fast set up of complicated experimental procedures, without tying the user to the unit adjusting settings for a prolonged period of time.

The unit is supplier with a PTFE coated temperature probe, which when immersed within the sample allows accurate sample temperature control to within ±1°C.

The Stuart Premium hotplate is available in eight colour choices: Blue, Black, White, Red, Pink, Ultraviolet, Avocado and Tangerine.

In-built connectivity allows the unit to be updated in the field, as and when new firmware versions are available.

Technical Specification

Plate material Ceramic-coated Aluminium
Plate dimensions, mm 150 x 150
Heated area, mm 150 x 150
Heater power, W 700
Display resolution °C 1
Max. plate temp. °C 300
Connection for Ext. temperature sensor Yes, Pt100 temperature sensor
Control accuracy with probe °C ± 1°C
Hot warning light Mains Independent
Programmable Programmable stopstart and sinusoidal
Available colours Blue, White, Black, Avocado, Red, Tangerine, Violet, Pink
Net weight, kg 2.5 kg
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 180 x 300 x 93
Electrical supply 115V or 230V, 50 60Hz

Ordering Information

Model Description
SP150B Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Blue
SP150W Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, White
SP150K Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Black
SP150G Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Avocado
SP150R Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Red
SP150T Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Tangerine
SP150V Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Violet
SP150P Small Metal Hotplate, Premium, Pink

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