Rotary evaporator

Q: Rotary Evaporators : Do I need to use continually running tap water to cool the coil condenser on a Stuart rotary evaporator?

A: Where water consumption is an issue, a recirculating cooler is available (code SRC3) which has sufficient cooling power to run two evaporators simultaneously. The cooling medium can be accurately controlled down to -20°C and is more powerful than conventional water cooling.

Q: Rotary Evaporators : What size of rotating flask can I use on a Stuart rotary evaporator?

A: The motor has the power to operate with flasks up to 3 litres. If using flasks of capacity greater than 1 litre care should be taken to ensure the flask does not touch the side of the water bath and that water is not expelled as the flask is lowered. When using flasks of less than 250ml capacity the extension adapter (code RE100/EA) should be used in order that the flask reaches the water level.